Castle Lone Wolf

I’ve finished the exterior as well as interior of Castle Lone Wolf. The Castle sits on a mountain cliff and is the home of a band of Crusaders. Their mission is to protect the northern border and spread civilization north. The Crusader Army is very much male-dominated, just like the monastery of Dibella will be very much female. Here, we’re standing at the top of the tower, looking down at the court yard.

This is part of the interior. These guys love Talos, which is also why many men from the rest of Tamriel have come to join the Crusader ranks recently since the White Gold Concordate. On the Frontier, Talos worship is still permitted since the colony was never annexed by the Empire formally. The Lone Wolf Castle Crusaders have therefore implemented strong religious ideas into their Order as well; they see themselves as the final, true guardians of Talos.

This is the torture chamber. It’s the home of one of the most eccentric characters ever, the Inquisitor. The new Crusader Lord doesn’t believe in torture as a righteous means of obtaining facts, so the Inquisitor has been pretty much left without work recently. He is desperate for new “clients” and is trying to market his services in entirely new ways to stay in business; like a spa, by offering both flogging, burning and some cleansing stretching on the torture rack to potential clients.

7 responses to “Castle Lone Wolf

  1. Sweet Odin’s Raven!! :O

    Awesome! Looks great, but then you can’t really go wrong with a castle fortress!

    One thing I will put out there though, is have you thought about having it be called, on the map and in-game by NPCS, ‘Lone Wolf’ instead of ‘Castle Lone Wolf’?

    Lone Wolf by itself would just look better on the world map in my mind, in the same way the Orc Strongholds on the Skyrim world map, such as ‘Dushnikh Yal’, wouldn’t look that great if they were labelled ‘Stronghold Dushnikh Yal’. Admittedly it doesn’t sound as good in my mind for NPC speech, unless ‘the’ is added before, ie ‘So you’re making the journey up to the Lone Wolf eh? Poor sods up there…”

    Ha, anyway I’ve gone way too into that thought, at least it’s something to think about. 😛

    • That’s indeed something to think about. “Castle Lone Wolf” sounds and looks (on the map) more descriptive, while just “Lone Wolf” sounds and looks way cooler. NPC’s can vary between the two, and so can in-game literature, but as for the map marker, it’s pretty much set in stone. I think Castle Lone Wolf will be good for the marker, also giving a description of the place, while I really want the NPC’s to use “The Lone Wolf”, like it’s an official saying incorporated into this land’s language, and like they know that everyone else knows what they’re talking about.

  2. Hmmm on seconds thoughts maybe that doesn’t sound so great without the ‘The’ before for it, meh nevermind.

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