16 responses to “Another WIP video

  1. The landscape and towns looks so good, thanks for this video!
    I’m always amazed when I see one of your pictures, I usually end up looking at all the details trying to figure out what resource you used 🙂

    • There will of course be the barbarians. There are two major barbarian nations, one Orcish and one Nord. I hope to have them dress and look properly and “un-vanilla”. I will also be thinking about adding some new, weird and dangerous different forms of creatures and beasts, but I really haven’t given those much thought yet.

      • Maybe you can get some ideas form Irish/Scottisch/German folklore. Like trolls and goblins, but different in Oblivion etc. Much darker and smaller. Forest-spirits, Will-O’-The-Wisps, Leprechauns, etc. Maybe this site will get you some idea’s: http://www.mysteriousbritain.co.uk/

      • Yeah! The deep forests should be infested with a plethora of weird beings. I am going to add my favourites from vanilla. wolves and bears are going to be present in the civilized south, but along with bandits, they will be the only aggressors there. In the north, I’m going to go wild though with all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures. Thanks for the link. That seems to be a really great site!

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