Hearthfire Released on PC

Hearthfire, the next DLC for Skyrim, was released on PC yesterday. This one’s not a large quest-DLC like the previous DLC, but a smaller – what I would call – house mod. You’re obviously going to be able to build your own home in this one and move in your spouse and then adopt one of those irritating children. Oh well, let’s see now if it’s any fun.

16 responses to “Hearthfire Released on PC

  1. Too bad…I won’t be able to play Skyrim for a month….I am going out of state to work on some property. I am going to buy Hearthfire after I return. Hopefully, you will be close to finishing Frontier. Good luck and…ELVIS BLESS!

    • I already started on one house, but tired of it. Guess Hearthfire is not really my style. I mean, whyever would I want to build a cute little house where the only reward is an adopted and irritating child, when I’m already building entire kingdoms. 😀

      • That’s a good question. I find the dlc to be pricy for what it’s adding. That’s why I’ve decided to wait for a better offer before buying it.
        To be honest, I’m more looking forward to the release of Frontier (and Alexander J Velicky’s Falskaar and Emma’s Vilja) more than Hearthfire. The content of Dawnguard has really put me off and I’m not getting that.
        So, here’s hoping the next dlc will be something really worth it.

        And may the community of modders keep their great work up.

      • Hey, Wotan. Nice to see you. I didn’t know that Emma is developing a Vilja for Skyrim too. That’s obviously something to lookvery much forward to. I’m waiting for Falskaar too, and Prometheus’ Issgard as well as Hoddminir by Elinen. Those are some promising landmass mods too.

  2. By the way, are you adding any player housing in the frontier? If so, will they be smaller cozy little cabins or big castles? Personally I would prefer a nice quiet wooden cottage next to a lake with a nice little dock. (Kesämökkityyliin :D)

  3. House mods/DLC have never really interested me, I like to roleplay a little bit, but still the main reason I play the game is to explore and fight, neither of which can be done by having my character sit in a chair at his house. 😛

    Also I play the ‘homeless adventurer’ type, so my sleeping is always done at inns.

    • In my mind, all my characters are born somewhere and have a home village. Falkreath tends to be my favourite, so that’s why this DLC interested me at first, but it’s a bit too much The Sims (Skysim?) over it for my liking somehow. As for my characters, I doubt my own tough male knights in shining armour or photomodel barbarian ladies will ever adopt a child. 😀

    • Yeah. I read some of all the bug reports on the forums as well. Every time they release a DLC or a proper game patch, it just seems to open up another can of bugs.

  4. Nah, I will not buy this. And certainly I won’t adopt a little brat. Why can’t you make some children of your own? I would love to see that 😀
    No, seriously, what’s your wife/husband gonna do when you move in, and then you leave to living the life of adventure. They get bored and seek their pleasures somewhere else. And then it happened to be that I’m in the DB…lol

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