I have kindly obtained permission from Backstept to use his excellent Regent Armoury swords in Frontier. In this land, they will be the main choice of weaponry for the nobility and officers. The Crusaders at Lone Wolf will also be armed with these Medieval weapons. You can download his mod here to check this high-quality work out.

Backstept has based his work on Ewart Oakeshott’s standardization of Medieval sword types, meaning that the swords you see the knights carry into battle in the Frontier will be as historically correct as you can get. This is really important to me, since I’m trying to recreate a bit of a true Medieval atmosphere in this fantasy game.

I’ve already implemented the armours to support a Medieval atmosphere, now I can also put the swords in place and soon let this heavy Medieval knight’s arsenal loose on fantasy barbarians, trolls and dragons!

8 responses to “Swordplay

    • Me too. That’s why I’m a big fan of the Paradox strategy games too. I don’t claim Frontier to be exact, though I’m indeed aiming for giving a bit of a history lesson with it. The contrast between fantasy and realism does excite me. Seeing these “real” medieval knights in battle against Trolls and Goblins will be quite something.

  1. I agree. I like when weapons and armours look like the real thing — and not like oversized toys or skimpy outfits you’d expect prostitutes to wear.

    Trolls and goblins and dragons aren’t that unrealistic either. There was a time — not too long ago — people really believed these things existed in our world. They had to explain things they couldn’t understand. — such as where those long horns came from — unicorns — which really was the tooth of a narwhal.

    • I really hate those Japanese plastic swords and armours that are popping up. I wouldn’t use them if they paid me. Oversized plastic, shining so-called swords coupled with “schoolgirl” uniforms. Often bad quality texture work too. Do people acually play their game like that? I’m not one to completely dislike skimpy armours or fantastic swords in a fantasy game, but really, enough is enough.

      Trolls and Goblins are for real. I know that, since I have them right outside my front door. I can swear. The deep, Nordic forests are filled with them to this day. 😀

      • I have to remember you live in Finland. You’ve got Kalevala and all the wondrous stories that Elias Lönnrot first wrote down.
        I only remember bits and pieces from some program about Kalevala I saw when I was young — 30 years or more ago.
        How time flies — I just remembered it’s more than 40 years ago that my father died.

      • I can’t believe I’ve been modding these Elder Scrolls games for seven years myself. So yes. Time does fly. Wish I had known on what scale I would be modding when I published my first mod of a small house outside Seyda Neen for Morrowind back in 2005.

  2. Don’t get me started on the anime armours that flood the nexus…I will never understand it, and I don’t want to. I know people say ‘well they’re not harming anyone’, but I can’t help but be annoyed when I go to see new mods and it’s the latest ‘skimpy armour’. =/

    Anyway, great job on the armours, it’s nice to see something more medieval develop.

    On a side note, that new ‘Interesting NPCs’ mod that has recently been released on the nexus might offer some useful links for voice actors for quests when that time rolls around. I’ve looked at some of the videos and the voice acting seems amazing, it’s really impressive work, it’ll definately have my download. 😀


    • Yes. I saw it at the Nexus, but I haven’t downloaded. I hope to find some suitable voice actors who are willing to put in work over a longer period of time when I start adding the quests.

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