A great view


This is the view Frontier supplies when you approach Anvil Nova from the north. If the weather permits, it really looks quite impressive. The city of Anvil Nova is seen there to the left. Farms and mills dot the landscape around the city; to the right, you can see Cilicia Prison. At the top of the scene, you can see Godfrey island and the town of Vestra, which is situated on what looks like a peninsula from this distance.

The horizon looks better in vanilla lighting. I’m using a mod. Nonetheless, I do need to work on the horizon. Either resizing the worldspace to extend further south will help, or I’ll use some other trickery.

14 responses to “A great view

  1. Awesome Scamp! Looks an awesome scene of civilisation for players to return to after being all the way up north. =)

    • Btw, is the mountain made of rock objects? if not, what texture have you used for it? because it’s killing me that I have to populate all of my hills with rocks otherwise it’d look awful (seeing as there’s no Cliff texture in the game.)

      • These are MountainPeak and MountainCliff resources found in the editor. They can be really fun to work with to create mountains. When I just texture mountains, I use the rock textures and vary those with snow textures. That’s also a great way to create mountains.

    • Don’t worry, man! I’m still here and I’m still working on the mod very hard. I will be doing that until it’s finished. Most of the time, I don’t have big impressive views to show on the blog, since most work is just pasting trees and rocks and other really hard, but not so impressive work. 😀 Sometimes I do disappear for short periods, but I keep an eye on what’s happening and on this blog every day too.

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