12 responses to “Running around Anvil Nova

  1. The size of this one area is awesome; I always felt that the villages and cities in Skyrim were too small for what they were supposed to be. Not only is the size of your city accurate, the style you gave it fit perfectly. As always this looks so damn good; I hope someone at Bethesda is taking notes from your work because they could learn something.

    • I was also a bit disappointed in the towns in vanilla. I remember the glory of exploring the cities and villages in Morrowind, and that was quite a different experience. As a single modder, I can’t really do all cities at the size of Anvil Nova, but I at least wanted this capital to look and feel like a large medieval city.

  2. Pyrelle summed up my thoughts perfectly. I love the look of Anvil Nova, it has a very ‘cosy’ feel to it, even though I know it’s before the harsh wilderness of the north, it really looks like a great place to rest in civilization before it. 🙂

    • Thanks. I’m a bit ambivalent. To be honest, I think that at least Anvil Nova is better than Morthal, Winterhold and even Windhelm, but not better than Balmora, Ald-Ruhn or Ebonheart 😀

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