CK Update Needed

Skyrim’s latest patch is out, but unfortunately, it leaves the Creation Kit crippled and unusable, actually, since the CK hasn’t been updated to reflect the changes in the game patch. Talk about timing – at the weekend. We’re hoping for an update on monday. So no modding here.

In the meantime, check Vilja out. She’s the companion to end all companions. In Oblivion, I could swear she was a live for real, and I’m looking forward to getting to know her talkative, sometimes irritating, but really fun and entertaining Skyrim incarnation as well.

Miss Frontier meets Vilja

4 responses to “CK Update Needed

  1. Frontier and Vilja are the two top mods I’ll be using when it comes to composing my Skyrim fan-fic journal, some day in the future — near future I hope.

    Have you spoken anything with Emma about incorporating her into Frontier? Having Vilja react to her new surroundings in Frontier when you play with her would be really awesome — it would make two of the top mods, imo, become even better.

    • Vilja follows me around in Frontier already although I don’t have a NavMesh yet. They’ve probably scripted her to pop up near the player if he loses her. That’s pretty good news right there already. Frontier will be 100% companion compatible.

  2. I remember playing Vilja in Oblivion…was so fun, but I did not get very far into her story. The Skyrim version is going to be different for me. I am going to go all the way through.

    • I already started on her story. I really liked the two thieves you meet right there at the start. Excellent characters. They remind me of what I want the brotherhood of the Alcoholics Guild in Frontier to be like.

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