Business as usual

The CK update has arrived and is working well. I don’t really know what the new functions are, but as long as I get to create my Frontier, I’m happy. Here are a few pictures of the recent work.

Mostly, I’ve been doing endless forests in the north, from where one picture is taken (that’s Lake Carnar down there), but I’ve also been detailing the green south a bit. No mod of mine would be complete without a few picturesque paradise islands, since I absolutely love creating small islands, so I’ve dotted a few of those along the southern coast.

As you can see, even the tedious and not-so-fun work of pasting trees and rocks, pays off in the end. I’m quite pleased with these vistas.

9 responses to “Business as usual

  1. Stunningly beautiful landscapes.

    I can see where the love for lakes and islands come from. Sweden isn’t called ‘The land of a thousand islands’ for nothing — most of those islands being found in the capitol’s archipelago.
    And Finland is after all the ‘Land of a thousand lakes.’

    • Yeah. I really just have to step out the door to get inspiration for landscaping. The landscape here is pretty similar to what you’ll find in Skyrim, although we have no high mountains. At autumn it looked just like the area around Riften.

    • It does, doesn’t it? Never in my life have I been out in the woods taking photos of landscapes so much as during the creation process of Frontier. The forests around here provide the best inspiration ever.

  2. That far island in the first picture reminds me of Cape Arago, Oregon, where there is a large rocky island where hundreds of sea lions hang out and are barking constantly.

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