Cabin by the Coast

I dunno how many times I’ve changed the details in the very south of the continent. It’s the area where I started modding the continent beck in February, and it’s still being changed. Gah! I recently added a few islands along the coast, and here’s a little cabin too, which I did yesterday, beautifully situated at the shore line.

Today, I also changed the sound atmosphere of the area as well. I removed some cold winds, made the wind gusts “warmer” and added more birds singing. I cannot show you those changes in this blog, of course, but trust me when I say that the sounds used have a tremendous impact on how the area is perceived by the player. It’s not all in the beholder’s eyes, but also in his ears. The coastal area is now warm and inviting, as opposed to cold, harsh and windy as it was before.

8 responses to “Cabin by the Coast

  1. You’re absolutely right. The word ‘behold’ means to see, but when talking about beholding such a thing as a dragon or a beautiful landscape — sound is a vital experience as well.
    And if our gaming rigs were much more powerful and immersive, we would actually also feel what ‘s like — but that’s for future generations some day.

    • Yes! Right now it feels like were just peeping in through a window into the game world and we’re not really there. I imagine, in the future, there will be games and interactivities which will let us really be there and not just be looking into it. Imagine modding something like this and really be walking around the castle of Anvil Nova; feeling the warmth of the fireplace and the dust in your nose, hearing the echoes of NPC’s chattering in the large halls. I mean wow. I’m a firm believer in the prophecy of the almighty Star Trek and I do believe the Holodeck will be a reality some day.

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