Happy Birthday, Skyrim!

This day, a year ago, Skyrim was released. It was a great day that many of us had been waiting for. I sat there the whole night through, waiting for it to open on Steam, and I was so impressed by it when I finally got to start it up. It was my kind of game from the very start.

This is the first screenshot I took of Skyrim on the night of 11 november 2011. Yes, that’s Ralof over there. I chose to be a Stormcloak traitor in this first playthrough, which I’ve never been again, thank Dibella.

It’s been a good year, and there’s more to come, obviously with the Dragonborn add-on and all. Happy Birthday, Skyrim!

2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Skyrim!

  1. I did not get mine until the 12th. It was Veteran’s Day here in the US of A on the 11th. I guess that might have been the reason why. But I have played 1468 hours in the first year. I may get in a few more before the actual one year is over for me.

    • Wow. You’re about a thousand game hours ahead of me. Then again, I spend most of my Skyrim time in the CK and mostly only do playtesting in-game. I get my real game hours in whenever there are new DLC’s, like Dawnguard, or when some great mod is released, like Vilja. That’s why I’m really looking forward to Dragonborn and hope it’ll be here on PC at the time of the Christmas holidays.

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