Sunday is LOD-day

I usually try to update my LOD once a week. This, I do for several reasons although it’s a lot of work and takes several hours to do. The most important reason is that I get to see the whole picture. I know where it looks bad and can correct it. Another reason is that it always blows my mind and I’m so impressed with what I’ve done myself. Hehe.

Today, Heightmap, Object and Tree LOD went smoothly and not even once did I encounter any problems. Am I just lucky with my work? Frontier hasn’t had any major problems as yet; I see all those other modders complaining about this or that, but this mod has gone smoothly since the beginning.

13 responses to “Sunday is LOD-day

  1. Woot! Looks perfect! Amazing!
    Couple of days ago I re-installed Skyrim and now – after half a year almost – I am able to play the game again without freezes. That means I (hopefully) can test and play Frontier too!

    • That sounds good! I’m soon going to do another reinstall as well. I have some problems since the last update, but not too many, and none game-breaking though.

      • I got to say, that Skyrim is still a pretty buggy game.. Usually the only way to fix many of the problems caused by for example modding, are only fixable by reinstalling the game.

      • Yep. You’re right – it’s really buggy still, but I’ve been quite lucky. I’ve only reinstalled once before myself, so when I do it before Dragonborn DLC, it will be my third installation. I’ve never used too many mods though and nowadays I install and uninstall them all manually; no nmm.

      • I haven’t played much Skyrim since last X-mas season. I’m only totalling 135 hours.
        But’s that’s going to change a lot once I get started on my fan-fiction for the game. Not sure exactly when that will be yet though.
        If I run into any problems I may have to reinstall, but I’ve not had any problems when I played before. But who know what sort of problems dlc and new mods may bring?
        Oh well, why worry about that now?

      • I’ve been playing the game a lot the previous days. Vilja is one of those responsible for that, but also a whole range of other mods I have wanted to try out for a long time. I see it as education too, because, while playing, I make extensive notes on things I find in the game world that I have to add to Frontier. My game is working rather well – some CTD’s here and there, but overall it’s been stable, which is surprising, since I run a lot of mods.

  2. It’s really interesting that the name of the mod is Vilja. Quote from the mod page: ” Vilja in Swedish means willpower, guts, determination. ” Vilja is the basic form of the swedish verb want. Willpower in Swedish is viljestyrka..!

  3. Vija is a verb meaning, want — yes
    But vilja is also a noun meaning will
    Viljestyrka in Swedish and Willpower in English are just the more powerful version of vilja and will

    • They’re not wrong. But many people use those words as synonyms these days.

      When people say somebody is strong willed they mean they have willpower. And the opposite if they’re weak willed. But they could also say the person has strong will or weak will.
      What I’m saying is that the difference between will and willpower is being erased more and more.

      • I would probably have translated “Vilja” into “Will” myself, but “Willpower” is also a possibility. Nonetheless, Vilja is also a real Swedish female name.

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