Project Purple

Just to throw this in here in the hope that it will raise some expectations as well as to give some reason why I’m rather slow blogging right now. At the side of Frontier, I am currently doing a different modding project for Skyrim as well, codenamed Project Purple. I am doing this together with an unexpected co-modder.

Keep following. Project Purple will be announced soon.

10 responses to “Project Purple

  1. I read your blog since the beginning and I love your work on Frontier. I’m curious to see what famous new project !

      • I’m so lucky! :p What i won for that? Je fais pété le champagne! ( French style)

        Oh yes i have a request ^^ Can you add me on your steam contact ? My nickname on steam is tonywallas.

    • Don’t…let…IT…GET TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (speaking in a normal tone, which rapidly becomes psychotic)

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