TESV 2012-12-16 10-08-49-30

I got tired of being in the snow all the time, so I started creating some stuff for the sunny south again. There’s still some things to be done there. This is the town of Dirch. Dirch is really a hellhole; a small town with a nearby military camp and that gloomy castle which can be seen in the background. And then there are the mines nearby.

My idea is that the baron of the castle has been deposed by the government in Anvil Nova and he’s now living out in the woods with a band of resistance fighters. The government calls them bandits and outlaws, but they are really some kind of Robin Hood-inspired “take from the rich, give to the poor” type of people. They’ve been fighting their secret war for years, and the resolution to their struggle will be witnessed as a part of the main quest.

A good evening

TESV 2012-12-13 00-08-10-19

The weather is usually really bad in these parts, but on this particular evening I was lucky to catch this Orc Camp in acceptable weather which created a fine screenshot. This is the southernmost Orc Camp, Ergin-Zohl, and is beautifully situated in the yellow-brown borderlands between the fertile green south and the inhospitable cold north and near a small lake.

Inside the CK

Oh hey! Here are some screenies of the mod from a totally different perspective. These are from inside the CK, showing the environment I’m working in most all the time. This is where all the action takes place. The CK takes a long time to learn, but it is all worth it. My own experience in this environment dates back to 2005 with the Morrowind Construction Set, and that’s why I know my way around and can actually create big stuff fast. The last screenie here shows the Region Editor. This is where you specify what weather conditions are present where and also what sounds and music are played in the designed regions.

Ghomana Camp

TESV 2012-12-11 09-19-46-97

This is Ghomana Camp in Orcish territory. I created it at six o’clock yesterday morning and it’s the best barbarian camp I’ve created so far. There’s an Orc Longhouse right behind the camera too. I hope all the barbarian camps will be as detailed as this one when I’m done, and then both the Nord Barbarian nation and the Orc nation will have greater capitals as well. these will look like proper cities, filled with aggressive barbarians.

I’m Blind

TESV 2012-12-11 00-05-58-92

Sometimes I get blind and only see the ugly little details when working on this mod. I have to step back and take a good look at what has been done already to see the big picture. When I do that, I get to see things like in this picture. Nighttime at Benton. I mean, Holy Mama, I created that.

In Darkness

Prepare for some dark and gloomy screenshots in which you won’t be able to see much. Not because I’m evil, but because that’s how the weather is up there. These are all taken from the areas in the north which I’ve been working really hard on recently. I will explain what the screenies contain to make their meaning clearer.

TESV 2012-12-10 20-42-13-77

Say what you want, but this is probably the most impressive screenshot of Frontier to date. Here, I’m standing on a high mountain in the north looking south. Viewing this screenie, you can see exactly how large the continent is and witness the immense extent of the work I’ve already done. Everything below and southward has been hand-crafted and is ready, from here to Anvil Nova! The capital of Anvil Nova is actually located just beyond that valley in the middle of the picture. This very place will hold some sort of outlook for sure; a tower or something, so you can go there and witness this snowy, but really scenic view yourself. I’m proud of it.

TESV 2012-12-10 20-35-35-40

This is the Heligmound, the Holy mountain, as seen from the eastern side. On top of the mountain, there will be some sort of great shrine, but it will also be heavily guarded by Nord warriors, since that shrine has a special place in their lore and religion. Heligmound sits right at the very centre of the continent of the Frontier, it’s right at its heart.

TESV 2012-12-10 20-32-23-36

North East of the Heligmound, we find The Frozen Lake. I have areas undone beyond that lake, but these areas will hold the Easthaven Breton Kingdom which I plan to create later on when I have found the proper resources for it. I need fairy tale castles and other things.

TESV 2012-12-10 20-29-12-03

This is Ghormak Pass, which provides a way between the eastern and western areas north of the Heligmound. The pass is historically a place where many bloody battles have been fought between the Orcs in the west and the Nords to the east. Recently, though, the Nords seem to have been pushing through and taken position on the other side of the pass. This has led to even bloodier and more intense fighting between the two Barbarian factions in the north.