A good evening

TESV 2012-12-13 00-08-10-19

The weather is usually really bad in these parts, but on this particular evening I was lucky to catch this Orc Camp in acceptable weather which created a fine screenshot. This is the southernmost Orc Camp, Ergin-Zohl, and is beautifully situated in the yellow-brown borderlands between the fertile green south and the inhospitable cold north and near a small lake.

6 responses to “A good evening

  1. This is just going to be such a fun mod. Keep it up!

    In other news…I bought a ticket for the midnight showing of THE HOBBIT. First time in 41 years of life that I have ever been to a midnight showing of anything!

  2. Scamp’s a fan I’m sure, but the LOTR mod that had a cease and desist order brought against it is the reason for the boycott in this case.

    Anyway, awesome work as always Scamp! This’ll look amazing with warrior looking Orcs living in it! 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’d really like to start creating those warriors right now, but I’m not at that stage quite yet. But I bet they will be looking really splendid. 🙂

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