The Details

Today I’ve been down south and just having fun with creating some detail locations there. While I want the cold north to be mostly wilderness with as little sign of settlement as possible, I can really go wild in the settled south though. Expect a lot of locations that are unmarked on your map when exploring the south.

First, a view from Dirch again and the Legion camp attached to the town. Then, a small poacher’s camp in the middle of the green southern woods. Finally, a statue to Azura’s honour. No Elder Scrolls continent with self-respect should be without an Azura shrine! Although she looks camouflaged among the mountain rock, she can be seen all the way to Windum.

The Feisty Miner

The Tavern in Dirch is called “The Feisty Miner”. I want all the taverns in my Frontier to be a bit different and unique. One plan was also to create a unique painting for all taverns in my land and hang them on the walls. Art with local inspiration. I will have those tavern paintings eventually, but I doubt I’ll have time for them all for the first beta release.

It would be really atmospheric with some custom bard songs too, but that depends on if I find a musician or not.

The Frontier taverns are hopefully NOT going to be the lifeless shells with a firepit in the middle we get in most places in vanilla Skyrim. The taverns could have been so cool in vanilla. Oh well, I’m not complaining, at least the essential wood chopping and Horker Stew is in-game.

This is the first interior I’ve done in a long while. I’ve been working outside for too long with the big stuff like snowy forests, mighty castles and deep canyons. I can’t believe how much I had forgotten about pasting tankards, barrels and wine bottles.

TESV 2013-01-26 21-21-30-03

Dragonborn in February

Yes! Finally a release date for the highly anticipated Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim. The Bethblog tells us that it’ll be available on Steam for us PC users on February 5.I really want to check it out, since I believe that there will be many Morrowind-inspired resources in there suitable for certain areas of the Frontier.

Since I’m planning a Q1 release of the Frontier Beta, I might actually have time to add some of those resources to the mod if I find them useful. In that case, Frontier would become dependant of Dragonborn. Trust me, I will try to avoid making this mod dependable of any DLC as far as possible, but if I think that I cannot live without some of it and if it makes the mod better, I will add dependancies. The vampire DLC had nothing I couldn’t live without. I liked the new dogs and some of the castle-pieces, but decided that it really wasn’t necessary or logical to add a dependancy just because of a new race of dogs.

Can’t wait to go to Solstheim. some time ago, I even started creating a beautiful character just for this DLC. She’s been adventuring in Skyrim up until now, she’s become the Archmage already, but haven’t completed the main quest, and she’s also taken many trips to the Frontier.

Beautiful Dirch

Dirch isn’t the most beautiful place in Nirn, if you look at it. Here are some pictures from Castle Blackcrow, The Dirch Canyon as well as the Dirch Dircinium mines.

Some Green

Some green pictures. The first picture is from the area where I’m working right now. This is the road that will lead to New Ruhn, a Dunmer colony on the Frontier, separated and independent from the Imperial Anvil Nova colony. New Ruhn was founded by refugees from destroyed Vvardenfell. The rest of the pictures show some of the dense forests you’ll encounter on the Frontier.

Heavy Fortifications

Dirch is a heavily fortified town, or rather, hamlet, because it’s no larger than a couple of houses. The place is heavily guarded because of the rich Dircinium mines, which makes it of strategic importance. He who controls Dirch, controls the continent. There’s a legion camp at Dirch as well as an old castle.

TESV 2013-01-07 19-44-58-51

A sunny day up north

On the very rare occasion that it’s not snowing and storming up in the north, you’ll be treated to views like these.