The Great Lake Carnar

Lake Carnar is a great lake in the middle of the Frontier continent. The rivers from the northern glaciers run out into the lake, making its water cool, clear and pure. The lake also gives name to one of the shires, Carnarshire.

In this screenshot, standing at the top of a waterfall in the north, we see Lake Carnar in the middle. The areas with the yellow trees are mainly Carnarshire areas. The brown, empty area to the right in the picture is Windumshire. This area is still all undone as I’m saving it for some of the last. It will be green and pleasant, but looks really cool right now too, like just a brown, untouched desert in the middle of everything else which has already been detailed around it.

Windumshire will be the player’s own barony, so that’s why it will be of importance. I want to get it exactly right when I start designing it.

TESV 2013-01-05 20-22-11-62

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