Heavy Fortifications

Dirch is a heavily fortified town, or rather, hamlet, because it’s no larger than a couple of houses. The place is heavily guarded because of the rich Dircinium mines, which makes it of strategic importance. He who controls Dirch, controls the continent. There’s a legion camp at Dirch as well as an old castle.

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4 responses to “Heavy Fortifications

    • Thanks. This location still needs a bit of detailing. I work in this area when I get tired of seeing snow, because most of my modding time right now is spent way up north.

    • The camps portrayed in Asterix were pretty accurate. The Frontier military camps are miniatures of real Roman camps too and fashioned after them. God, Asterix was great. I read them all when I was a child and Asterix and his fellows inspired some of my historical interest too. 🙂

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