Some Green

Some green pictures. The first picture is from the area where I’m working right now. This is the road that will lead to New Ruhn, a Dunmer colony on the Frontier, separated and independent from the Imperial Anvil Nova colony. New Ruhn was founded by refugees from destroyed Vvardenfell. The rest of the pictures show some of the dense forests you’ll encounter on the Frontier.

4 responses to “Some Green

  1. How big is the frontier? In comparison to Skyrim. The pictures make it look huge plus all the stuff you’ve put in.

    • I’m going to finish the main quest first, but then I’ll add in a lot of smaller side quests too. For all locations I create, a lot of potential quests pop into my mind. I’ll probably be adding “expansions” with smaller quests and new territory until Elder Scrolls 6, but the main quest is the most important. And yep, there will be a couple of new beasts to fight. I’m also hoping to add more domesticated animals and so on.

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