The Feisty Miner

The Tavern in Dirch is called “The Feisty Miner”. I want all the taverns in my Frontier to be a bit different and unique. One plan was also to create a unique painting for all taverns in my land and hang them on the walls. Art with local inspiration. I will have those tavern paintings eventually, but I doubt I’ll have time for them all for the first beta release.

It would be really atmospheric with some custom bard songs too, but that depends on if I find a musician or not.

The Frontier taverns are hopefully NOT going to be the lifeless shells with a firepit in the middle we get in most places in vanilla Skyrim. The taverns could have been so cool in vanilla. Oh well, I’m not complaining, at least the essential wood chopping and Horker Stew is in-game.

This is the first interior I’ve done in a long while. I’ve been working outside for too long with the big stuff like snowy forests, mighty castles and deep canyons. I can’t believe how much I had forgotten about pasting tankards, barrels and wine bottles.

TESV 2013-01-26 21-21-30-03

14 responses to “The Feisty Miner

      • Yeah. And sometimes when the Legion boys come to town, there may be conflict situations between them and the regular miners down at the pub. So better be prepared with that axe.

    • Sometimes drunken miners pay for their drinks with ingots instead of gold. One of those Dircinium ingots is worth 250 gold if sold on the market. But in that state and at that moment, the miners will do anything for their drink.

    • That would be nice indeed. And I was thinking more barfights too. I mean, I’ve very seldom seen one of those non-lethal barfights they were talking about and I have 600 hours of game time. Once a barfight glitched and some aggressive drunk bloke attacked me in the middle of Riverwood, and when I tried to defend myself, the village guards joined in and killed me. Hrmpfh, so much for non-lethal barfighting, eh.

  1. I love that mammoth skull on the wall, it’s these little details that make your interiors different and awesome. =]

    • Thanks. There’s also a story behind that skull. The Dirch area isn’t known for Mammoths, but the town smith was a Mammoth hunter up north in his youth and killed this mega-Mammoth back then. Indeed, all the things I paste into my mod end up having small stories behind them; it’s a really funny effect that my mind is creating all this little stories as I go. Nothing is in the mod without reason, and I want the player to be aware of that too.

  2. Perhaps you could add a questline similar to ‘A night to remember’ where the player gets into a drinking contest and then wakes up completely ignorant to the mad chaos he/she has caused in his/her inebriated state.

    • Oh, there will be drinking contests alright. If nothing else, I’ll have some serious drinking tied to the Alcoholics Guild side quests. I have an Alcoholics Guild in Anvil Nova, which is also, at the same time, an ode to my own Elder Scrolls modding. I started back in 2005 by creating a small mod for Morrowind called “The Alcoholics Guild” and also had that particular guild in my Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion. šŸ˜€

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