The Details

Today I’ve been down south and just having fun with creating some detail locations there. While I want the cold north to be mostly wilderness with as little sign of settlement as possible, I can really go wild in the settled south though. Expect a lot of locations that are unmarked on your map when exploring the south.

First, a view from Dirch again and the Legion camp attached to the town. Then, a small poacher’s camp in the middle of the green southern woods. Finally, a statue to Azura’s honour. No Elder Scrolls continent with self-respect should be without an Azura shrine! Although she looks camouflaged among the mountain rock, she can be seen all the way to Windum.

2 responses to “The Details

  1. The more we are teased with the goodies, the more we want to play it now. The wait for release is going to be long and hard. 😀
    Well worth it, but oh so long and hard.

    • Well, the first beta will be here within the coming months, so you all get to explore the land and start reporting floaters, among other things. Stuff hanging in the air irritates me and there’s no possible reason I can root them out all by myself; that’s why I really need to go beta – to get some more eyes involved in looking for those floaters.

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