This is the plan

The first week of March, I’ll be having a week off from work. Then I will be putting that into finalizing the beta of Frontier. In other words, expect the first beta to be here by the end of the first week of March.

In the meantime, if you want to dress Medieval, take a look at Baraban’s Steel Plate. He’s added female meshes now as well! His armours will be used to dress the knights of the Frontier.


Checking out Dragonborn

OK, so I’m checking out Dragonborn. I love the Morrowindesque atmosphere. This DLC is a very obvious flirt with us Morrowind-lovers, and at least where the atmosphere, parts of the landscape and architecture and even sound environment are concerned, it has succeeded. I got chills when I heard that Silt Strider screaming in the distance with accompanying music from Morrowind. Quite extraordinary. Visiting those same locations where I lived and fought 200 years ago also has its charm.

The land is really dangerous and you have to fight for every inch of it. I can’t tell you much about what I think of the story yet. I’ve done one dungeon and it was pretty much standard vanilla Skyrim, unfortunately. Run through, kill the boss and grab the treasure.

But well, yeah, Dragonborn has resources I’m drooling at for Frontier as well. I guessed it. I mean mushroom houses. Who can resist!? Some screenies without getting spoilerish.


One year of mod-blogging

Can you believe it!? The Frontier Development Blog is one year old today. It feels like yesterday when I started this.

This Frontier blog has had 61.000 views over the year and over 1.000 comments. The best month for visitors was in March with over 8.000 views. Last month was pretty good with 5.000 views.

Here’s to another year! Read the first post I made on February 1, 2012 here. Cheers!