One year of mod-blogging

Can you believe it!? The Frontier Development Blog is one year old today. It feels like yesterday when I started this.

This Frontier blog has had 61.000 views over the year and over 1.000 comments. The best month for visitors was in March with over 8.000 views. Last month was pretty good with 5.000 views.

Here’s to another year! Read the first post I made on February 1, 2012 here. Cheers!

8 responses to “One year of mod-blogging

    • Ah. Primby Village. I had such a lot of fun with that. After the first beta release of Frontier, I should really devote some time and energy into getting it up and running again. I know exactly what needs to be done to fix it, I just need the energy to do it and right now I’m too concentrated on Frontier.

      • I keep it in my Load Order too. It always brings a tear to my eye when I see those guards walking off the road and all the people trying to enter doors and popping right back out. Damn NavMesh. But I’ll get to fixing it in due time. 😀

  1. Time does indeed fly. I recall when I first started playing online, way back in 1997, on a dial-up connection. That was quite expensive and I had to carefully monitor my online time. Fortunately I got broadband a couple years later.

    One thing I love about the game is the vast amount of background story there is to the TES World. I just added the first book to my fan-fic in.the-making — The Five Year War, an insight of Khajiit tactics deployed during the war with Valenwood.

    • Aaah. -97 was a good year. Tomb Raider, Daggerfall, Sid Meier’s Pirates Gold and all those weird strategy games by now gone Talonsoft. I think I played Civilization 2 back then too. And yeah, the dial-up making noises when you were connecting. Good times. 😀

  2. I’ve been tracking this since the beginning and I must say you’ve come a long way from putting Anvil Nova together. I do hope this becomes just as good or even better than Dibellas Watch.

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