Checking out Dragonborn

OK, so I’m checking out Dragonborn. I love the Morrowindesque atmosphere. This DLC is a very obvious flirt with us Morrowind-lovers, and at least where the atmosphere, parts of the landscape and architecture and even sound environment are concerned, it has succeeded. I got chills when I heard that Silt Strider screaming in the distance with accompanying music from Morrowind. Quite extraordinary. Visiting those same locations where I lived and fought 200 years ago also has its charm.

The land is really dangerous and you have to fight for every inch of it. I can’t tell you much about what I think of the story yet. I’ve done one dungeon and it was pretty much standard vanilla Skyrim, unfortunately. Run through, kill the boss and grab the treasure.

But well, yeah, Dragonborn has resources I’m drooling at for Frontier as well. I guessed it. I mean mushroom houses. Who can resist!? Some screenies without getting spoilerish.


11 responses to “Checking out Dragonborn

  1. This is really going to be a fun addition to Skyrim. But I am going to hold off for awhile on purchase…I am having a ball with New Vegas, and am busy with other things, plus am meeting women left and right.

    • You bet! They’ve even reused the sound effects and music from Morrowind. I don’t usually encourage that in games, but geez, in this situation it was well warranted and really appreciated too.

      • Yes. I’ve heard from HoT members who bought Dragonborn. I’m putting it off a little. hoping to get the dlc at a discount — if I’m that lucky —
        I used some sounds and music files for my MW story when I was creating it. Maybe I’ll reuse some when making the return to Solsteim in my Skyrim fiction. But it’ll be a while before I get there. Still working on getting the first chapter ready.
        I found a nice cover of the Sovngarde Chant to use as background music for it 🙂

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