5 responses to “Dibella

  1. Ah, Dibella. I really miss the good ol’ times of Daggerfall where the worshippers of Dibella weren’t such prudes 😀

    • God yes. Morrowind was a bit feisty in places too, but after that Bethesda just got too big to be sexy. Good thing we can add whatever we want in mods to make the game proper and to beautify.

  2. Totally unrelated to this particular blog, I want to ask for your direction antiscamp! I am completely new to modding, never done any mods ever before and I would appreciate some advice from someone that knows what they are doing out there. If you could give me any direction, I would be very grateful :]

    Also, since I am so new, which Elder Scrolls game should I start trying to mod in? Jump right into Skyrim, or start with Morrowind or Oblivion?

    Thanks in advance!

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