Commencing Work

I am now commencing work on the Frontier Alpha Release. The plan is to have it out by the end of this week. It would be kinda neat to have it out on friday, so people get to check it out over the weekend, but we’ll see.

I have decided to call it an alpha, and not even a beta. Alpha is pre-beta, even. I want to make the state of the mod very clear, and that I want quality downloads. I want people who are genuinely interested in the mod, its development and who want to help out by commenting on it, suggesting things and all that good stuff.

So OK, off to work for me now!

4 responses to “Commencing Work

  1. Alpha – huh? Looking forward to this! Off for new lands!
    How many MBs – GBs approximately? My HD space is getting narrow. I need a new computer…

    • Yep. Time for Alpha! 🙂 Right now, the unzipped folder with all the resources and LOD-files and all is 366 MB’s. I expect it to get larger though.

  2. Heh, yeah. I’m in need of a new computer, too. Mine is old, 32 bit and running on XP. I really need to get a 64 bit system with Win 7 while it’s still available — I really don’t like the looks of Win 8. That horrible setup is for those horrible mobiles. Not computers.
    The only thing that I can be happy about with my old system is that I can run Skyrim on it with no greater difficulties.

    • I was swearing at Win8 when I first used it at work a couple of weeks ago. I’m going to get myself a new machine soon too, so I’ll have to fight with Win8 some more then. Wifey found a way to remove the silly touch screen glorification, at least, and get the Windows button back.

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