All Interiors are… well… Interiors

All interiors are now completely enterable. Most of them are also fully decorated. Some of them will change dramatically as I continue on the mod and won’t stay as what you’ll see in the Alpha One release; like the Anvil Nova Castle, for an example. I want that to be a maze of castle hallways, small rooms, large halls and underground secret passageways. It looks good as it is right now, but I want it to be even more extensive inside.



This picture is taken from the Anvil Nova Forum Thermae, an interior I just started yesterday. A Thermae was a Roman bathhouse and they built them all over Europe using intricate and ingenius technologies to supply water and heat it. The people of the Frontier, although living in this barbaric corner of the world, like to stay clean according to Cyrodiil customs, and they go to great lenghts to do so. The Thermae was built in Anvil Nova to accomodate the hygiene of the upper classes. The lower class rabble can bathe in the cold Northwind River, like the barbarians do.

6 responses to “All Interiors are… well… Interiors

    • Not the Alpha, nor the beta. The full version, with the stage as well as the story merged, will be compatible with NMM. The Alpha won’t even be on SkyrimNexus. All early versions will only be downloadable from ModDB. The full version will be published on SkyrimNexus as well as ModDB, but not at the Workshop.

    • When I run around my own continent and seeing all the stuff I’ve created, I’m really proud of what I’ve done so far. I was really expecting to have done a whole lot more over this past year when I started, but it’s been more time-consuming than I initially thought. However, nowadays when I get to the still unmodded patches of land on my continent I just go “Yes!”, because I know that I still have more of this fun ahead of me; more to create and mod, and that this project will indeed never be finished. I can add to it forever. I’m really excited now to get to show this first version of it to you all.

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