Gah! This ugly mod!

99% of Frontier is absolutely smashingly beautiful, but there are parts of it still under construction that the player just will have to suffer when the Alpha arrives. I’m now unashamedly going to show off a few potential problem areas of ugliness.

TESV 2013-03-08 20-43-45-96


The untextured mega-mountains are a problem. In the north, you won’t see them due to the weather, but in the south they’re quite visible. There’s nothing I can do about them at the present. In the future, they will at least be properly textured and have hiding clouds about them, but it takes precision work. These mountains are on the border of the map. This means, every time I insert something or edit something in the area, the CK adds cells, expanding my worldspace and effectively making the LOD go out of order altogether.

TESV 2013-03-08 20-44-42-13


The Anvil Nova Flying Church Tower has been with me since my previous Object LOD update. I don’t know what happened, but I’ve removed the church tower LOD altogether and hope that it resolves itself by the next Object LOD update which will be done prior to Alpha Release. Chances are you’ll never get to see the flying tower. It’s just LOD; as you go nearer, things move into proper place though.

TESV 2013-03-08 20-45-39-71

“Anybody home!?” There are still empty interiors in the Frontier. All interiors are enterable, but some of them are barren like this one. Most are done though, ready to be explored. This picture is from a private house in Anvil Nova. All the shops in the capital are done and look cool.

You will also encounter completely unmodded areas in the alpha release. You’ll know when you see them. They are like brown, untextured masses of land. These unmodded areas are meant to be just that at this stage, because I either need resources for them still (like one of the places in the very east where I want to add Dragonborn resources) or they are meant to hold locations for the main quest and just weren’t prioritized at this stage.

Although these stains on Frontier’s beauty, I really believe that the Alpha Player will be struck by the overall beauty of the continent I’ve created! I know I am – every time I enter.

2 responses to “Gah! This ugly mod!

  1. Maybe the problem is the black cloaked woman…she is really a witch and puts a curse on any photo she appears in.

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