Alpha 01 Patch

Time for patching. No serious problems have been reported with the Alpha. In fact, people seem to be enjoying the grand tour of the Frontier. This patch makes your journey in the Frontier even more enjoyable. A helmet was missing a texture and some of the military tents were gone.


March 11, Update Patch 01

– Updated the textures for the military tents.
– Updated the textures for the Steel Sallet helmet.
– Did some minor interior work in Lone Wolf Castle.

Keep reporting any problems so I can patch them as soon as possible!

9 responses to “Alpha 01 Patch

  1. I apologize, since I am such a fanatic for this mod, but I can’t stop myself from waiing for the finished product. I know…I AM LAME!

    • Not yet. However, Distant Worlds is the best strategy game I’ve played since Civilization 4. But it won’t let me raise mountains, erect great cities and create entire worlds filled with adventure, beauty and story like Skyrim does. So I’m staying with one foot here. πŸ˜€

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