Benton’s New Landmark

I’ve been having a break from this after the Alpha release. I’ve been doing some Let’s Plays and concentrating on Distant Worlds, which is quite a different game from Skyrim. For anyone interested in strategy games and Let’s Plays, go check my channel out. I’m going to Let’s Play many games this year since it’s a really good year for strategy.

But I cannot leave Frontier alone. I’ve still been working at it a bit, and today, I added a new landmark in the town of Benton. This church was created by Stroti and ported to Skyrim by my buddy Tamira. I’ve been looking for this kind of church for a long time, and now I finally have one. The little island in central Benton was designed specifically to hold a church or a chapel, so Lord Benton’s mansion has had to move further out to sea.

Thanks to Tamira and Stroti for this excellent church! There are other resources in their resource pack too, which I am going to use to good effect later on.

TESV 2013-03-29 10-24-05-78

TESV 2013-03-29 10-25-08-31

14 responses to “Benton’s New Landmark

  1. Whoot! The first picture where the new resources are used! Thank you for this. Looks really great!
    The whole pack has been released meanwhile on the Nexus 🙂

    • Yep. It sits there like majesty. The question is, which god do I dedicate it to. Anvil Nova has Talos and there’s a Dibella monastery on the Frontier as well.

  2. Julianos is an exellent choice if you want to add any questline that involves the Elder Scrolls since the Temple of Julianos is where the Moth priests who handle them come from.

    • Moth Priests. I forgot about them. We get to meet one in Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC and see him in action, and I think they are in Oblivion too. Why did I just get the burning feeling that I want to play Oblivion!?

  3. This mod so far looks amazing. Staggeringly so. I believe, as a side note, that Akatosh would be a good choice for the chapel, since it appears as noble as the Dragon god.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like what you see. I’ve created the interior for the church already, and chose Julianos. He’s an interesting god with a few secrets to share later on. 😀

      • I’ve always liked Julianos and Zenithar, but they don’t appear much in the lore. Good choice. Julianos is the Divine of knowledge, so mages revere him. Though you probably know that already.

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