Revisiting Old Locations

In 2005 I published my first mod for The Elder Scrolls. It was called The Alcoholics Guild, and simply added a small house in Seyda Neen in Morrowind. There were three NPC’s living there; a Wood Elf, an Argonian and a Nord. The Nord was simply named “Passed Out” and was just lying on the floor.

Morrowind 2013-04-09 20-08-24-66

Morrowind Alcoholics Guild 2005

When I created my Dibella’s Watch in 2011, I revisited these gentlemen by adding an Oblivion version of the guild on my new continent. The house I added pretty much contained the same characters and there was even a questline where the Argonian member supplied the player with some meaningless small quests; such as get me a couple of wine bottles and so on. I planned to make the quest longer, but never got to it.

Oblivion 2013-04-09 19-56-48-80

Dibella’s Watch 2011

Today, I’ve added the first NPC in the Skyrim version of the Alcoholics Guild, and at the same time, I went in-game to take screenshots of the previous incarnations of the Alcoholics Guild in both Morrowind and Oblivion. The Skyrim version is situated near the harbour in Anvil Nova on the Frontier and it may have quests in the future too!

TESV 2013-04-09 19-48-38-60

The Alcoholics Guild in Anvil Nova, Frontier, Skyrim 2013

6 responses to “Revisiting Old Locations

    • LOL We can’t live without some of the old friends. I just need to dress Can’t-Stop-Drinkin’ in the most tasteless robe in Skyrim now. 😀

  1. I can imagine Vilja going “What is that smell?”
    I guess quoting a l9ine from DAO would come in handy “Dwarven vomit. Charming.”

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