Creating NPC’s is a lot of fun and actually one of my favourite parts. Here’s one of the city guards in Anvil Nova already. Fully uniformed and ready to serve and protect.

I might release an addition to the alpha later on when I’ve created all the NPC’s in the capital and in its surrounding areas so you’ll get to see how they really affect the atmosphere of the place.

TESV 2013-04-11 20-15-14-51

Move along, Outlander!

4 responses to “NPC’s

    • Yeah, they look really cool. I have archer uniforms too, but archers won’t function as town guards. There’s an elite guard unit guarding the castle as well.

  1. Exciting news!
    Well that means lots of work for you – creating NPC means creating Navmesh (I love navmeshing … 😦 )

    • I tried generating NavMesh quickly. The results were terrible, so now I’m doing it all by hand! i spent a couple of hours last evening doing just two cells! I will need to do NavMesh a little half-heartedly at first and only connect important locations, otherwise I’d drown in the work. The cities and towns are all going to be fully NavMeshed from the start though, and right now Anvil Nova is getting all the NavMesh love. NavMesh is really tedious and it would’ve been unnecessary too had Bethesda chosen to do this in another way.

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