NavMesh, my old friend

NavMesh is the fear of all Skyrim modders. NavMesh is the area which specifies where NPC’s can walk and move, and it needs to be done for both exteriors and interiors. In the editor it shows up as a red area made up of lots of little triangles pasted on the environment. In-game, it doesn’t show at all, so the player won’t notice a thing. Only when NPC’s start moving strangely or followers stop following.

Most of Anvil Nova is done with NavMesh at this point and looking fine. In some sick, perverted, way I find it fun too to create NavMesh, although it’s considered probably the most tedious process in the entire modding experience in Skyrim. I think Bethesda could have solved this better.

I need to start by NavMeshing the towns and cities and then the roads in-between them properly. All other NavMesh will be half-hearted until later. If I try to do all the NavMesh perfectly from the start, I’ll drown under the workload. So a bit at a time. At least, Anvil Nova is going to function perfectly with NPC’s and NavMesh by the next alpha update! Yay!

NavMesh in Anvil Nova.

NavMesh in Anvil Nova.


6 responses to “NavMesh, my old friend

  1. Good grief! I only can imagine the work you have done here.
    “NavMesh is the fear of all Skyrim modders” – Indeed …. good old Oblivion was so easy …

    • Yeah, in Oblivion it was called Pathgrid and you just placed dots around that connected into a path where NPC’s could walk. It was a lot easier. NavMesh takes a lot of time, and when you think you’re done with one cell and finish it up, you always get “Door Marker is not situated on top of NavMesh” and other warnings and still have things to fix. Then all cells have to be connected by those green lines too. Aaargh!

  2. I just checked this devblog first time after two weeks and I have to say the things you have done with the npcs are simply amazing.

    • Thanks! Today, I’m going to create the town smith and his whole family. The smith is really great for town immersion in Skyrim, since he makes a lot of noise when working that metal and the sound is heard far and wide. I loved it when I created the Primby Village mod and I could hear the town smith working from far away.

  3. Whatever you do, DO NOT let yourself get burnt out by trying to finish up too quickly. If you need a day or week or two off, you deserve it.

    • I have been having a more logical workpace than when I created Dibella’s Watch, for an example. With DW I actually got burned out on a couple of occasions and I don’t want that to happen with this one. It’s all supposed to be only fun. Even the NavMesh 😀

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