Orvar the Smith

Here’s the first working man in Anvil Nova. It’s a joy to see when the NavMesh and AI packages come together and really work as intended. Orvar works outside during the days and goes inside during the evenings. His wife runs the shop inside.

I wanted to start with the town smith because he creates nice, atmospheric sounds when he’s working during the days. His hammering can be heard all over town.

TESV 2013-04-13 11-37-31-24

2 responses to “Orvar the Smith

  1. I remember the sounds the smithies made in the old games — tink, tink, tink. I really lead you to the smith.
    I don’t have a good enough sound system to really enjoy it these days though, and Skyrim has so many nice atmospheric sounds.

    • I miss the stupid random conversations between NPC’s. They might have been annoying at times, but I thought they were atmospheric and added a lot to towns.

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