Beautiful barkeepers

There. Grey-faces are fixed for at least the NPC’s I’ve created so far. These two barkeepers now look a whole lot better. They’re still giving me the scary stare though. We’ll deal with that later.

TESV 2013-04-14 23-52-33-80

The fix is simple. You just need to select your NPC’s in the Object window in the Creation Kit and press Ctrl and F4. This generates their FaceGen Data which is then found in textures/character/FaceGen Data/FaceTint/[your mod name]. Since I’m working with an .esm, I needed to open the .esm-file in the CK and do it. It works similarly with .esp’s. The only problem I see is that it generates quite large files and it will swell my file-size even more. Sigh.


6 responses to “Beautiful barkeepers

  1. You should see his harem! ROFL

    In earnest: The Skyrim faces lack the variety of emotions that we know and love from Oblivion. Period.

    • Morrowind had some pretty dead characters too; they were filled with story and soul though. Oblivion had the most alive NPC’s in the Elder Scrolls yet; a lot of that can in fact be attributed to the random conversations they had between themselves as well as other factors. They even smiled when they saw someone they liked. Skyrim’s NPC’s look great, but are unfortunately very lifeless and only seem scripted when they do come alive a bit occasionally (like in the Whiterun market place). I wish for NPC’s like in The Sims. Sigh.

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