Royal Bed

Thanks again go to Tamira and Stroti for this excellent bed. I’ve been looking a long time for something like this to decorate the bedrooms of the upper classes of the Frontier. I quite dislike the vanilla beds and some of the modded ones are just not suitable. This one is suitable beyond words though. Stroti’s Castle Furniture is a resource ported to Skyrim by Tamira; it supplies medieval furniture for your castles and upper class homes.

Stroti and Tamira are the number one resource providers for this mod, it seems, and that’s really great since I used a lot of Stroti’s stuff in Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion and without Tamira that mod wouldn’t have gotten off the ground because she was my very meticulous playtester back then too. Good times. Thanks again, my friends!

TESV 2013-04-15 09-06-29-05


The young and beautiful Baroness of Tyrrha is supposed to be vain and girly. Her surroundings are beautiful and she likes to collect art; like statues and paintings. I want her Tyrrha Manor House to reflect that personality without going overboard and getting silly. This Medieval bed suits her fine tastes perfectly!

21 responses to “Royal Bed

  1. The bed looks really great in these surroundings. Yes, this was one of my favorites in Oblivion too and I am glad that I could help to bring it to Skyrim now. I will continue to port over as much of Stoti’s stuff to the game as simply is possible (not everything is possible though).
    And stop flattering, I may get used to it. – LOL

    • Yeah. I’m about to start another Let’s Play tonight and some other things in space. Working on Frontier is actually more pleasureable than Dibella’s Watch. Now, I do a lot of work when I really feel inspired and then do other things in-between. With DW it was only DW and nothing else and sometimes I felt frustrated with it and really burned out. Frontier has been nothing but enjoyment and fun so far though.

  2. Dear Antiscamp, you may have gone lost in space but I still remember who you are πŸ™‚


  3. A kings bed? Seriosly, this doesn’t look at all like a frontier where pioniers are working to build some settlements.

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