Coming Home






I had forgotten what an absolutely immense amount of work I did on Frontier. Just giving it up would be a crime against humanity. So, we’re continuing. Good news is that when I’ve been checking it out, I really didn’t lose too much work and I can easily redo everything lost in a few days. Right now, I’ll be concentrating on just pasting trees, beautifying and detailing the landscape and other easy tasks like that. Just to get back in the mood. Maybe even build the exterior of the town that wasn’t in the Alpha, New Ruhn.


6 responses to “Coming Home

    • I’ll try. I’ve been doing computers since the 80’s. I should know better than to leave important files just like that, but no, I’m lazy. 😀 In the case of Frontier, I was pretty well backupped though; yesterday I found an old folder where I had saved .esp’s since the beginning of the mod up until the very latest work, so the only thing I really need to do is get the resources back in order and I’m all set.

  1. Alright then !
    Great to have you back over Frontier, was wondering why no updates for so long.

    And yes, welcome back to the TES community, quite some years now since our alias & post did “meet”.

    Take care and as to saves, the best way is to go over the semi automated track.
    Some external Drive has built in feature allowing to do so (you set time and date for saving, which folder/type of file etc and it is made without taking care.
    Then, you can also setup “one touch” saves, so as to secure the “freshly” added content..

    Very great that you can resume in all cases.

    • Thanks. Yeah, I have an external harddrive and several USB memory sticks and other computers and stuff where I can store stuff. For Frontier, my backup system has worked pretty well. In the future I’ll also backup my resource files; meshes and textures.

  2. So the adventure to bring the Frontier to life is reborn! =)

    I can still remember stumbling onto this mod, great to see the flame of it has been rekindled!

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