I hate ENB’s. They slow my game down. I only go with Climates of Tamriel these days for lighting and other fun stuff, but tonight I again tried out an ENB that I thought looked interesting (SkyRealism – ENB Evolved). And it was. I did these screenies of Frontier and my Orc Warlord while at it. Pretty impressive stuff, actually. I’m going to save the ENB and do more in the future with it, but as for just playing the game and doing regular playtesting of my mod, I will have to go without.

This is art, people.

2 responses to “ENB Fun

    • Thank you kindly. Screenshooting is an artform! I mean, I’ve created the whole land I’m shooting; I put some considerable thought into camera angles and time-of-day (for lighting) when I’m “taking the photo”. I add functions like lighting mods and ENB’s to boost the quality in those areas. In most cases I also edit the images’ contrast and saturation settings afterwards as well. You should see some of the images on the Nexus Image Share that the pros put together. It’s an artform!

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