The Latest Work

I’ve been working on detailing the landscape further. Some areas get a huge amount of detail added to them, like the City of Anvil Nova itself. Also, I’ve been detailing the woods north of the civilized colonial areas; some areas over there are scary in their detail now.


I’ve also been adding a few select resources. Tamira’s Greco-Roman Ancient Statue came in handy. The southern colony in this land is heavily inspired by the Roman colonization of Britannia, actually, so I’ve been looking for a thing like this. Oh, while you’re at it – check out Tamira’s Sepredia Player Home mod, where she makes use of the statue.



Finally, again, here’s a screenshot of my Warlord on visit in Anvil Nova. The Civilized areas aren’t quite to his liking, but the Barbarian camps up north make him feel just like home.


8 responses to “The Latest Work

  1. Great new pictures!
    Nice to see the statue used in Frontier. Looks really good where you placed it.
    (and thanks for the advertisement :D)

  2. Looks awesome both from the pictures and the small preview you did in the video previously posted. I must ask this, will it be possible to add houses to the Frontier (as in something I make myself)?

    • I’m playing with the idea of having some sort of “build your own house” function involved. At least, and for starters, the player will be building his own city/village which is an important part of the mod and the main questline, but that’s going to be a much more scripted than actually raising the walls like in the Hearthfire DLC. The first quest that happens in Frontier will award you land on this new continent. It’s called Windumshire and is situated in the very middle of the landmass between the civilized south and the barbaric north. The player will be managing this Shire with the help of the old trader already living on that land and subsequent quests will see the village and area grow into quite a civilized town. the player can also sink money into some of the structures to build them up even more impressively and it’ll be an important job as “mayor” to attract citizens and settlers to the area as well as manage mining and farming and other resource gathering. Completing quests and being awarded “perks” for your village, is a perfect way to reward the player, I think, and will have him interested enough to continue the questlines. Villagers will also move in and have additional side quests for the player and so on. Endless opportunity!

      • That… That is amazing, really it is. Now the question about that will there be a “Gold Sink” per say from keeping oneself from getting too rich? Or will it be like the Run your own shop mod from Oblivion where you’d get a percentage of what you had in your store in relation to your mercantile skill with a fixed gold sink every month for upkeep?

  3. Wow, just wow, that first photo is especially breathtaking! I’m so glad you picked up this mod again AntiScamp, it has so much promise!

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