Beta Feedback

CaeleLogoThe past week, me and my wife have been working on a mod for Skyrim. Caele is a companion for Skyrim, fully voiced and standalone. I’ve been doing this while also working on Frontier, and Caele is the preparation and education I’m doing for writing proper quests for Frontier as well. We’d now like feedback on how she works. Note that she’s not at all ready yet although she’s a very detailed and great companion already; she actually has a personality (unlike most companion mods on the Nexus). There may be missing textures and other similar glitching. We’re publishing this limited beta only here in the hope of getting feedback on Caele as well as bug reports! Download ONLY if you know how to manually install a mod, if you’re ready to take some glitching, want to help in the development of this mod and have some real interest in seeing this beta. the full mod will be available on Skyrim Nexus later on!

Brutal and sometimes beautiful daughter of the Cold North, Caele is a fully voiced, standalone companion with a quest and a real personality.

Caele has a hard exterior but a soft heart. She wears warpaint rather than makeup, so no pretty little shiny photo model here, no-no. She is a bit paranoid and thinks the rest of the world is out to get her, but she will treat her friends like royalty. She enjoys a good fight (maybe a little too much!) and getting drunk. She has a lot of political opinions about the state of Tamriel. She uses strong language from time to time. Deal with it.

Caele levels from 6 to 81. She will fight to the end to protect herself and her friends. She fights like a true barbarian with two-handed swords (using the 2HHumanBoss combat style), so see to it that she is equipped with a proper weapon. She has the beheading perk and will occasionally show that skill off. She wears heavy armour the best and is initially outfitted with heavy barbarian armour. The armour is specific to her and shouldn’t be worn by anyone else. Caele uses the standard UNP body with body weight set to 80. She uses a heal spell in case her health gets too low although she is also marked essential.

Note that all files are loose; there is no BSA. Any glitches or missing things will be fixed in hotfixes to this beta version during this weekend and we’ll be working on her quest in the meantime as well. Download Caele Here. Thank you to the talented modders who kindly supplied us with permissions to use the resources for Caele.

To supply feedback: PM me on Skyrim Nexus or on TesAlliance. I am known as Antiscamp on both sites. Alternatively, send me an E-Mail at The comments function on this blog can also be used for shorter comments on Caele.


7 responses to “Beta Feedback

  1. Well, I haven’t downloaded her because I do not use UNP at all, I prefer CBBE. Personal choice. Having said that I think she looks very lovely, though she reminds me a lot of Aela they could almost be sisters. IS she marriable as well? I think you might get a lot of good feedback if you put her up on the nexus as well. Other than that she looks great.

    • Thanks! 🙂 No she is not marriable. Not yet anyway. I might make her into that in the future when I get the quests done too. You don’t need UNP to have Caele, btw, because she’s standalone and uses her own body, hair and armour that is specific to her and won’t interfere with other parts of Skyrim at all. She’ll go up on Nexus and ModDB when her main quest is done, but for now I’m keeping a limited audience on the beta version.

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