I’m thinking Oblivion

The problem with modding Skyrim is that I’m thinking Oblivion. I mean, creating landscapes and pasting houses and decorating interiors is pretty straightforward and similar to what it was in Oblivion, but quest-making certainly ain’t. I used to whip up long quests in a manner of hours, but getting Caele to just start her quest and update the player’s journal in Skyrim was quite a challenge and took many hours of thinking, experimenting and searching the Creation Kit Wiki.

We have a lot of new functions and many new powers to work with. Like the simple fact that the journal in Skyrim doesn’t work like the one in Oblivion. Skyrim’s in-game journal seems stripped-down if you haven’t looked under the hood. When you get to work with it, it’s a really powerful tool to help the player get on in the quest and to tell him where to go and what to do. You can do some magnificent things with the new functions in Skyrim’s quest writing system, although parts of it seem buggy and unresponsive.

Bet I’ll be just as good and fast at writing quests for Skyrim when I’m done with Caele’s stuff as I was doing stories and quests in Oblivion. I just need to get that Oblivion thinking out of my mind. As always, though, when it finally works as intended, it feels better than being drunk.


Caele, a follower with a quest.

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