Caele 1.1

Caele update 1.1 was released last night.

*Moved Caele’s “Follow me” option into her CaeleFollowerQuest, which improves her recruitment procedure. She should now be fully compatible with AFT, UFO and EFF.
*Made a new Voice Recording for recruitment.
*Fixed glitching enemy soldiers popping up in wrong locations.
*Gave her skin texture sets so she now dresses well in all sorts of armours.
*Cleaned Identical To Master records with TesVEdit.

Next, I’m going to work more on the dialogue conditions and also add more voice files to her and make her idle dialogues more varied as a result.

Download 1.1 here

Beta 2 Testing


I’ve been working hard on finishing Caele and her quest. Here’s Beta 2 for any willing beta testers. Please report any errors with Caele. If this works OK, I’ll do the initial release on ModDB and Skyrim Nexus tomorrow. This time, she comes with a proper .bsa archive, so I’m very interested in seeing how that works out. All tests on my side have been successful. Right now, it’s four in the morning here and I’ve been working on this all night. Good night, people! Download Caele Beta 2 here.


We are planning to expand on Caele and she has some bright future plans. First off, will be actually continuing her storyline and in the continuation make her marriable. She will also become more quest-aware. As of now, she doesn’t comment on the vanilla quests much. Also, we’d like to make additions for both the Dawnguard and Dragonborn expansions. Especially Dawnguard-support would be interesting and see her interact with Serana.