Finally! It compiled! Finally! I’ve been messing around with Skyrim scripting since yesterday. I just want the Quest Objective to update when a specific bloke is killed and it’s nothing like it was back in Oblivion. Gah! But finally it compiled! Whether it works or not in-game is another question. But at least it compiled, people. It compiled!

Scriptname CaeleThalmorOfficerDies extends ObjectReference

Quest Property CaeleMainQuest01  Auto   

Event OnDeath(Actor killer)

Oh yes! And i just completed another one that compiled equally easily. This one just makes it so that the quest and quest objectives are updated when the player reads a note the dead guy is carrying.

Scriptname newscriptCaeleOrderNote extends ObjectReference 

Quest Property CaeleMainQuest01  Auto 

Event OnRead()

I was never a programmer. I played with Basic back in the eighties as a kid. And I tried to create an own computer game in the early 90’s with some success. I got a submarine to shoot missiles at surface ships actually. I’ve never really enjoyed scripting in the Elder Scrolls games, but it’s a necessary evil. I’m an artist, not a programmer, but when looking at scripts and programming languages, it does have a certain aesthetic value as well, I must admit.

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