The Governor’s Mansion


It just took me like four days, but now the entire Governor’s Mansion in the center of Colonia is done, NavMeshed and all. I could move people in there if I wanted to. It is a very luxorious environment, of course, home to the Imperial Governor and his family. Working with Stroti’s Manor Resource was fun as it makes a great shell to build some really good looking interiors. I’m happy I also have another Mansion environment to do out at the plantation, where I’m also using the Manor Resource. The screenshot is from the attic. I like creating interiors like this. I can go wild and just throw stuff about without second thought and it still looks good.

Two Rooms


So I spent the entire evening modding. The result is only two rooms in the Governor’s Mansion in Colonia. The Mansion is going to take time. In the screenshot above, it ain’t even finished yet. I need to do more cluttering to make it look really lived-in,  but I’m quite happy with how it turned out. It’s the bedroom of the Governor and his wife. I also made the Governor’s Daughter’s room.

At least, I did something else too. I pasted a model of a shipwreck, edited from the ship I already have in place. Finally, I have a shipwreck that looks like it belongs in Cyrodiil. Thanks, Tamira, for all your help!



Building Interiors

OK, it’s time to continue on the interiors. I have a lot of them to do, but not too many to drown in them. Here’s the woodcutter’s cabin. One image with ENB, the other one without. I don’t think my ENB is very good at interiors.

Azura’s Watch: Alpha 01

OK, here we go with Alpha 01. It is now possible to explore the entire exterior area of the Island of Azura’s Watch. Much of it has high detail already; some areas need more work, especially in the eastern parts of the island. No interiors have been finished, except one, The Alcoholics Guild of Azura’s Watch. Most doors are useless at this point.

This Alpha is for those who are interested in giving feedback and/or just explore the environment of Azura’s Watch. It’s for testers. The ESP hasn’t been cleaned. There is no transport from Skyrim. You have to enter the island by the following console code: Cow AzurasWatch -8,-4.

If you do not want an unclean ESP or don’t know how to use the console, don’t download this early version of the mod, but wait until a later one. Install manually (like you always should – screw NMM) by placing the AzurasWatch.esp and AzurasWatch.bsa in your Skyrim/Data folder. You might also need the AzurasWatch.bsl (not really sure about that one – most modder’s don’t include their BSL’s). The mod was tested on another computer with vanilla Skyrim and was working well.


UPDATE: You also need this file. Throw it into your Data folder so it’s Data/LODSettings

I give no permissions to the mod as yet, of course, since it’s really in the starting stages. Don’t upload it anywhere else. That Mediafire link is the only legal. In the future, I’ll grant generous permissions. A TXT file with credits and thanks to those who produced the resources is included in the download.

Now I need a break. Maybe play some Oblivion, in fact. Have fun exploring paradise!