A bit of Morrowind again

Morrowind 2014-07-22

Right now, I feel a need to play old Morrowind. I remember back in the day when Morrowind was new (like 2005 or something) and I had a crappy computer and I spent an entire summer with it. Took me ages to load each cell and I had serious lag, summer days were steaming hot and the sun reflected irritatingly in my 800×600 screen. What a wonderful experience! I was hooked, and that was before I even discovered its thriving modding community. I still have the CD, but I also picked it up on Steam. They’re having a sale at €4,99. In fact, all the Elder Scrolls games are on sale right now, so go get yourself Morrowind or Oblivion right now if you don’t have them.

Morrowind can be modded pretty substantially to rival modern games in looks and behaviour. In the screenie above, I have several mods active, among others MGE XE, which allows for distant LOD, shaders, Depth of Field and other graphics goodies. Also, it’s widely considered the best Elder Scrolls game ever, and I tend to agree with that. The modding atmosphere was simply awesome, and it’s actually still going quite strong. Morrowind is the prime example of a game living forever only because of its modding.

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