BSA Problem

OK, I’ve hit a problem with generating BSA’s for Azura’s Watch. BSA files are great, because I can pack down all the resources I use for the mod in one compressed file. This means my mod won’t overwrite anything on the end user’s computer or mess with their Data files directory, as opposed to just packing down my mod with loose files. At this point, it might not even matter, but in the end, I’d really like to work with BSA’s.

The problem with my BSA is that when testing it on my wife’s computer, the Distant Land LOD won’t show up in-game. It’s obviously not read from the BSA. If I pack the LOD separate, the rest of the resources in the BSA won’t show up instead. It’s a dilemma.

Geezus! And it’s too hot for me to think straight right now. It’s like 40 degrees Celsius around here and I can’t stand the heat. I mean, I can take it in my tropical mod, but not in real life. Gonna leave you with a screenshot again. Cheers.


Oh, by the way. All my screenshots are done with the Seasons of Skyrim ENB. I’ll make some vanilla screenshots later on too, to show how the mod looks in an unmodded, vanilla state of Skyrim. From what I saw on my wife’s machine, Azura’s Watch looks pretty good vanilla too!

4 responses to “BSA Problem

  1. I am sure you will hunt the problem down with the LOD files.
    And I hope that AW will look nice without ENB (and I am sure), as I never use any. 😉
    Beta-tester rule: try to play vanilla. And when you release a mod, you should know how it looks without extra beauty treatment.
    And I feel with you with the heat, it had been very hot here too during the last days.

    • Yeah, my wife’s Skyrim is vanilla, so it’s great to use her computer for this kind of stuff. Speaking of which, I just made a new BSA and should go test it out on her computer right now…

  2. I know how you feel. Us northeners are not built to cope with heat very well. The weather can’t stay this hot for too long, though – a thunderstorm will likely come soon if this heat wave persists.

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