Aha, BSA!

Good news now. OK, so I tried packing my BSA again and this time it’s working perfectly. Just a missing mesh for a ship as far as I could see. There will be an Alpha release some time in the weekend for those interested in checking out the island exterior.


Here’s today’s screenie. I changed my ENB into Serenity ENB. Look at that water with those shadows below the ships. Yeah, baby. The vanilla boat is the boat from Skyrim, on which the player will arrive. The other ships should look more Oblivion/Cyrodiil, since the colony is Cyrodiilic Imperial. I’m still missing a model for a proper shipwreck of Oblivion design though. If anyone knows of a good shipwreck modder’s resource, please tell me.

3 responses to “Aha, BSA!

  1. You could probably go with the unmodified ship design for your wreck – under certain circumstances – maybe the ship was lost during a violent storm and the hatches (that are normally shut to prevent water flooding in on the deck) had been sabotaged.

    • Yeah, in case I don’t find anything better, I’ll try to modify the ships I have a bit to look like shipwrecks. Remove the masts and so on and sink them into the water. Might work.

  2. Yeah, let the Alpha come! 🙂

    There are 4 shipwreck nifs in the database, aren’t they sufficient for what you need?
    If not, send me a PM and describe what you are looking for.

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