The Governor’s Mansion


It just took me like four days, but now the entire Governor’s Mansion in the center of Colonia is done, NavMeshed and all. I could move people in there if I wanted to. It is a very luxorious environment, of course, home to the Imperial Governor and his family. Working with Stroti’s Manor Resource was fun as it makes a great shell to build some really good looking interiors. I’m happy I also have another Mansion environment to do out at the plantation, where I’m also using the Manor Resource. The screenshot is from the attic. I like creating interiors like this. I can go wild and just throw stuff about without second thought and it still looks good.

2 responses to “The Governor’s Mansion

  1. Wow… Soooo this is the first time I’ve been here since the last time I downloaded Caele, which was in January of this year. You have been busy my friend! I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for everything you have created and shared with the community. I actually almost totally forgot all about what you’re doing here until I ran across the Primby village mod on tesalliance and noticed your name as the creator. I’m so happy I came across Primby Village (also downloaded it and am looking forward to checking it out!). I saw the link for this site and was like “Oh yeah, duuuuude!!!” hahaha 🙂 There was a point a couple years ago I was checking this site like twice a week for updates. You have put SO MUCH into this so far and have surpassed at least 90% of most modders in terms of creative labor! I started reading and catching up on some of your newer posts and read up about interior fatigue. I can only imagine what that feels like lol. Thank you, so much, for sharing the journey in making Frontier come to life. I actually did check out an earlier version (not sure whats available now) when you had to get into the console and type “cow frontier 19, 17” to travel there from Skyrim, I think that was the command. Anyway, it was quite impressive. I’ve been absolutely OBSESSED with Skyrim since it’s release and I can’t seem to get away from it lol. The more mods they make, the more I install, erase, and reinstall/rebuild my game! I am looking forward to exploring Frontier once it’s finished! I am a very patient man when it comes to mods for Skyrim, especially ones that are as big and detailed as this. After all, a mod rushed is a mod wasted in my book. I am glad you are taking as much time as you need to make this project as epic as it looks! There are only a handful of others that come close to this in size, scope, and detail, and they’ve been at it for about as long as well 🙂 Anyways, again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your hard work and your willingness to share the fruits of your labor with the community! It is truly, truly appreciated! 🙂

    I am sorry for the long comment, I had more I wanted to express but I didn’t want over-burden you or sound like a kiss-ass lol. 😉

    • Hey! Thanks for the very kind comments. I see computer games as an artform, and as such, I want to be creative with them myself and give back to them. Fortunately, with the massive modding support Bethesda has given the Elder Scrolls, I am able to bring you this. I won’t be happy until my modding projects are finished though, although they obviously take some time since I’m busy with other creative processes concerning games as well and also have a busy RL with my cat biting my feet all the time and other issues like that to deal with. Oh, and by the way, I wouldn’t really recommend installing Primby Village at all. It had several issues with NavMesh that made the people of the village behave weirdly. The mod was created while they were still patching Skyrim as well as the CK and lost compatibility. I took it down from the Nexus at that point. Thanks again for your very kind comments. It’s really appreciated! 🙂

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