This POS!

Yeah, OK. Third Creation Kit crash this evening. This time I even tested it. I saved my work and went outside for a bit. When I came back in, the CK had crashed. What’s up with this!? I’m using Win8 now. I don’t remember any crash fest like this with Win7. Maybe Bethesda should update their POS software to Win8. Like yesterday. Dammit! Sometimes I can sit here and work for hours on end and not have a single crash, and other evenings, it behaves like this. This takes some of the fun out of Skyrim modding, for sure. Now I’m going to do other things this evening rather than fight with this since it’s having a bad day again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve done lots of good stuff. But tonight I’m going to leave you with this picture of my good friend Ville out driving. I call it Road Rage: “What the F*** is wrong with F****** people!? Why can’t they F****** learn how to F****** drive!?

4 responses to “This POS!

  1. I noticed that too with Win 7. Until March 2013 I worked with Win XP and was almost without CK crashes. Now, when I do something else like playtesting in the game or browsing the web and return to the CK, it very often has gone AWOL.
    Try it it helps to minimize the CK when you are about to leave it alone for a while.

    • The weird thing is that I was stable on Win7, but now with 8 it’s doing this. Argh! Oh well, not much to do other than save every five minutes or so. I’ll try to minimize it in the future to see if that might help as well.

  2. Hmm. It does sound like your system can’t cope with the strain on its resources. If something worked perfectly on an older Windows it may not work as well on a newer one because the newer Windows requires more RAM to operate. It might well be that your computer doesn’t have enough RAM to run the CK and all the other programs you have open at the same time. Adding RAM might help, otherwise try to limit the number of programs you run at once.
    It could also be something entirely different – I’m no expert.

    • Well, I have 16GB Ram. My previous computer ran 8GB and the CK is designed for far less. There’s something between Win8 and the CK. Earlier today, I again worked for several hours without a single crash, so I really am suspecting that the CK is just moody like a teenager. 😀 One theory I’m trying out: Sessions where I add a lot of new resources (meshes and textures) seem to crash, while when I don’t do that, I have no problem. It’s still a theory, but I’m testing it out.

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