I’ve been working all day with the CK. Not a single crash! It actually seems like the CK crashes randomly during sessions when I add many new resources.I’ve tested this out now. During today’s session, I’ve not added a single new resource. I’ve only decorated interiors and done NavMesh.

Sometimes I get an empty mesh exclamation mark when trying to load a model for the first time in the Rendering Window. This is a common glitch, solved by pressing F5 and your model loads properly. The crashing CK  problem when adding new models, probably has something to do with that. From now on, I’m going to restart the CK after I’ve added resources to my mod to avoid crashing. Wow.


EDIT: OK, so just after writing this, I tested it out. I added some paintings Tamira sent me, and poof, ten minutes later, the CK magically crashes! It hadn’t crashed all day until that. My theory is true! The Skyrim Creation Kit always crashes shortly after adding resources, ie new meshes in conjunction with having to reload the render window using F5.

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