Morrowind Paintings

Morrowind 2014-08-04

OK, I’m gathering a few screenshots to make into paintings in Azura’s Watch. I want a lot of paintings, because the Colony is Cyrodiilic Imperial, and as we all know, they love paintings in Cyrodiil. Wonder why the artform never broke through in Skyrim though! Morrowind is still a very beautiful game. Just look at it! I wish it had looked like this back in the day when I played it to death in what, 2005-07? Back then I had a crappy computer that could barely handle it. View distance was limited. I couldn’t even see Vivec City from Ebonheart, if you know what I mean. Ah, thanks to the Morrowind Graphics Extender, we now have both Depth of Field and greater View Distance. Lovely. Now I’m going to do some Oblivion screenshots too.

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